1000-Watt HPS Grow Light System – XXL Open Hood Grow Light Reflector

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The Hydro Crunch Grow Light System combines our digital ballast which is ETL listed and has the ability to dim 1000-Watt, 600-Watt, 400-Watt and also has a super lumen enhanced setting to maximize the grow light systems output. Digital ballasted lighting systems generate roughly 30% more PAR (photo synthetically active radiation) for every watt of electricity consumed compared to the magnetic (core and coil) ballasts of the past. Digital ballasts are more efficient at turning electricity into light and because light intensity often directly correlates to yield you can expect more production for the same electric bill. Each grow light system comes with a plant specific HPS (high pressure sodium) and MH (metal halide) bulb designed specifically for horticultural use. The XXL Open Hood Reflector comes pre-wired with detachable ballast cord and an E39 socket which will accommodate HID bulbs (both HPS and MH). The grow light reflector comes with a pebbled, polished reflector for ultimate dispersion and reflectivity. The grow light system comes with a grounded multi-pin timer to control your photo cycles along with a ratchet light hanger for easy hanging and up and down adjustments over the plant canopy.

  • Comes complete with ballast, reflector, 1000-Watt HPS bulb x 1, timer and adjustable light ratchet hanger
  • Hydro Crunch xxl open hood reflector dimensions: 36 in. x 31.25 in. x 8.75 in.
  • Fully interchangeable bulb capacity, ballast can light both high pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) bulbs
  • Ballast features 2-year limited warranty
  • HPS bulb features a 1-year warranty
  • Digital ballast is ETL listed and CE certified
  • Comes with light hangers for easy hanging installation of your grow light
  • 120-Volt power cord included
  • Dual input voltage: 120-Volt/240-Volt

Additional information

Weight 224 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in


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