1000-Watt Double Ended HPS Pro Series Enclosed Style Complete Grow Light System

$299.99 $249.99

The Hydro Crunch double ended 1000-Watt Pro Series Grow light system is a premier choice for your garden. Available in 1,000-Watt versions, the Pro Series lighting system sets a new standard for others to follow. The digital ballast will operate 1000-Watt HPS double ended lamps at 600 W, 750 W, 1000 W, and 1150 W power and has excellent airflow characteristics, running 20% cooler than other digital ballasts. Energy-saving up to 30% compared with magnetic ballasts. System includes reflector, ballast, lamp, ropes and timer – complete Grow light system.

  • Comes complete with ballast, reflector, double ended HPS bulb, timer and adjustable light ratchet hanger
  • Comes with hooks for easy hanging installation of your Grow light and no assembly required
  • Dimmer presets: 600/750/1000/1150 Watts
  • Double ended DE HPS bulb features a 1-year warranty
  • Digital ballast is UL listed and CE certified with 2 year warranty
  • 120 Volt 8 ft power cord and 240 Volt adapter included and dual input voltage: 120 Volt/240 Volt
  • Reflector type: enclosed style
  • Product dimensions: 25 in x 14.5 in x 11.5 in


Additional information

Weight 304 lbs
Dimensions 24.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 in


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